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Yeshey Tsholgyal Tours & Travel has a wonderful tour happening in September 2016!

If you have been thinking of visiting Bhutan, this is a good year to move into the doing stage :)

The details and intinerary can be found here BHUTAN 2016 

Whatever questions you have, please send them to pematenzin35@gmail.com


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How does Meditation help the Environment?

You hear it on the news every day and you see it in the world around you – the environment is in trouble, probably this is the most important issue anybody can be talking about in these times.

This makes one think about the steps we can take to help, and one step we can take that seems mostly unmentioned on everybody’s list of “Ways to Save the Planet” is: Meditation

How does meditation help the environment?

Let me count the way’s.

1. If you’re not hearing what’s going on with the planet, chances are your life is too busy.  Meditation will help you slow down.

2. If you have heard what is happening to the planet, but it hasn’t urged you to respond, change some habits, whatever, meditation will get you tuned back in – to reality.  Yes, it is still there :)

3. If you feel like nothing you do will make a difference, so “why bother”, you may need to press the re-set button. Meditation will put you back in the drivers seat.  When realize you are in the drivers seat, you are in charge of the ride and mindful drivers make healthy decisions.  They see the road ahead.

4. Meditation will give you a new appreciation of what is important.  Happiness does not come from things, and it is almost impossible to see that trusim in today’s world.  Meditation will help curb your consumer cravings, and save you money.

5. Meditation is your friend – meaning,  it helps you understand you are your own best friend.

You can be any religion or no religion in order to meditate.

Here is the basic recipe, just add “you”!


The most basic meditation practice is to sit on the floor, legs crossed, and preferably on a meditation cushion that will lift your bottom a few inches off the floor- this helps with comfort and focus.  You want to keep your spine straight, like a “stack of coins”, don’t lean to any side, or to the back or front and keep your head/chin looking straight ahead.

After getting your seat comfortable, you want to work on your focus, on your gaze.  Mindfulness meditation is not practiced with eyes closed,  this meditation is practiced with the eyes softly open, but not wide open.  In the begining you want to direct your focus toward the tip of your nose. If that proves difficult, then direct your gaze at the floor a few feet in front of you.

Once you get your gaze settled, you need an object to meditate on, and in the begining it is recommended to use your breath for the focus of meditation. So sit straight, be comfortable, settle into your gaze- on your nose or the floor, and just “watch” your breath. You do that by counting your breaths. To start, use a count of say “5.”

Example: The breath comes slowly in, in, in and then slowly goes out, and that is 1 count. The breath comes in and goes out and that’s 2, and so on, all the way to five and then start again from one. “Watch” the breath. When your mind wanders from watching the breath, and it will, just drop the distracting thought as soon as you recognize you are wandering, and come back to your breath. Try not to follow thoughts that arise, instead once they appear, drop them, and gently go back to and stay with the breath. Try not to blink, or blink too much. Start with a ten or fifteen minute session.

Here below is a picture of the type of cushion I use. It is a really firm type of foam and it is about 4-5 inches high. You sit on the edge of it and it helps take pressure off the spine, and also keeps you alert. I rest my left hand palm side up in my lap, put my right hand palm up, on top of that and touch thumbs.

This type of cusion can be found at Samadhi Cushions


I read that Mick Jagger has been doing Buddhist meditation for years… cool.

“I like it, I like it, Yes I do!”


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