We have coined this trip “Loving Hearts and Sacred Arts” as the journey is slanted towards the arts of Bhutan. For these eight days you have a wonderful guide in Pema, who himself is a Bhutanese artist of renown. Pema has been exhibited in museums in the west, such as the Asian Art Museum in SF etc.



8 Days / 8-12 people

Bhutan is a country in love with art, which is easy to understand as Bhutan is surrounded by so much beauty, inner and outer… Does your heart beat for art? Ours does too, like a drum. Come on this journey to learn about the art of Bhutan and to appreciate its deeper symbolism. Understanding  the artworks of a country, allows for a unique introduction and connection. Pema, an artist himself, will make this trip extra special.

Just like any other visitor to the country we will visit places of cultural interest, take in some spectacular days hikes and learn about life in the Himalayan Kingdom. Additionally we will take a closer look at the arts of Bhutan. We will spend an afternoon learning about the popular scroll paintings that are called “thangka’s”. These are veritable masterpieces painted by artists whose works are left unsigned as an act of devotion. We will witness the dancing fingers of talented weavers whose intricate, museum quality work will deeply impress you… Even the postage stamps in the country are works of art!

A special offering from Pema for this trip is a half day mandala workshop with him. These workshops are appropriate for all – the artistically inclined and the not so! They have been very popular in America and we think you will enjoy the experience too. We will supply all materials. For people who are artists, we have built in a couple of extended lunch hours, in case you would like to sketch – in the moment. What a wonderful way to capture your visit and bring it home with you.

The thirteen arts of Bhutan, are called Zorig Chusum and they are:

1.Lhazo (painting)

2.Shingzo (carpentry)

3.Parzo (carvings)

4.Jinzo (sculpture)

5.Lugzo (casting)

6.Garzo blacksmith)

7.Tsharzo (bamboo works)

8.Serzo ngulzo (goldsmithing and silversmithing)

9.Thagzo (weaving)

10.Tshemzo (embroidery)

11.Dozo (masonry)

12.Kozo (leatherworks)

13.Dezo (paper work)

So we have quite a bit to look into!

Additionally there is new art in Bhutan. There is a budding film community and a modern art galley with wonderful works of art, and more.

*For prices, what is / is not included, and more, please be in touch at pematenzin4@gmail.com
*Please note that we always do our best to meet your individual needs as well.