Dear Reader: Please note that the #1 “Rainbows And Flying Tigers” and #2 “Take Your Time To Relax” itineraries were designed especially for people with a deep interest in Buddhism or who are themselves Buddhist.



16 days / 8-12 people

In Buddhist philosophy students learn about concepts such as impermanence and emptiness. Students of Dharma also learn that “time” is ultimately another conceptual imputation. For this visit to Bhutan, we hope that similarly, your own sense of time is suspended for these two weeks, and every day infinitely joyful! This itinerary is total immersion….

This journey will get us all the way to Trashiyangtsi in Eastern Bhutan, a remote region of a remote country and Vajrayana Kingdom.

As we travel from West to East we will visit Punakha and Jakar, experience the DochulaPass and spend two or three days in the sacred valley, Bumthang. It is here in Bumthang that Guru Rinpoche first brought Buddhism to Bhutan and this valley is also the birth place of Bhutan’s patron saint Pema Lingpa.

Guru Rinpoche meditated in many of the caves in Bumtang and hid sacred teachings in a lake in the valley called Mebar Tsho or “BurningLake”. This valley is very sacred area and the morning mists in the valley feel alive with blessing.

Further on, we eventually arrive at our furthest point east, Trashiyangtse, Lama Pema’s home.

What can one say? This is magical land.

Few visitors to Bhutan travel this far. Blessed with waterfalls, rice terraces, black necked cranes, pristine turquoise rivers, orchids, butterflies, rhododendron, Sub tropical AND Alpine forest, you will remember this journey for years to come.

On this trip we will so enrich our own practice, by practicing here in sacred places. We will make daily Riwo Sangcho offering, Tara practice, and much more.

Upon our arrival back in Western Bhutan, we will make the trek to Taksang.

We cannot predict what will take place on a trip like this. Bring your heart and mind, bring a sense of humor, bring your camera and let life unfold itself…

Eastern Bhutan is also known for its artists. Weavers, woodworkers, painters…

*Please note that we always do our best to meet your individual needs as well.

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