The country of Bhutan is a destination coveted by the most seasoned world travelers and Yeshey Tshogyal Tours and Travel has put years of experience into our tour plans- with you in mind!

We believe that our itineraries provide just the right balance of activity and quiet time, ensuring that you will acquire the most out of this rare travel experience, and not have a second of it pass you by!

You are in for a treat.


Our trips include a few extra’s, above what is normally included with the daily tariff – but what we feel is worth it. For instance, we have included services such as highly experienced guides who speak perfect English. A private meeting for your group with a local Buddhist teacher who will share a talk with you about “Bodhicitta” during a specially prepared picnic – or over dinner as weather permits, and who will also engage with you in a question and answer session afterwards.

We will supply you with comfortable vehicles while travelling to destinations. Dinner’s “on the town” are also on the schedule. There is organic coffee and tea for mornings, and your choice of a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath, herbal steam bath, or a Thai massage towards the end of your journey at a five star hotel, and a few more extra’s that will surely make this a very special trip.

It may be helpful to know that Yeshey Tshogyal Tours and Travel is quite amenable to customizing an itinerary for you. This option is a little bit more expensive for groups of two people, otherwise the same rate applies and we are happy to oblige, for groups of any size.

The owner of Yeshey Tshogyal Tours and Travel is Lama Pema Tenzin, an artist from Eastern Bhutan. Pema lives in the US for several months each year basing out of California, which he has done since 1991. Thanks to all the years that Pema has spent getting to know our culture, he understands what elements go into making a trip special for visitors and we think his “insider” knowledge is pretty good too…!

So, that is some small idea of how Yeshey Tshogyal Tours and Travel operates. A trip to Bhutan is a special opportunity, and we want to see that your encounter with this kingdom in the clouds will make you smile for years to come. Bookings are predominantly in March, April & May and again in September, October and November.

See you then?

Tashi Sho! PEMA