The “Valley Of Joyful Blossoms” tour is planned for cultural travelers, people who want to take in Bhutan’s breathtaking natural beauty and explore the culture, in a relaxed &  personalized manner.  It includes a stay at a five star hotel and a few other extra’s!



8 Days / 8-12 people

If Bhutan is known for anything to the rest of the world, it is their radical ideal of “Gross National Happiness” and value they place on Happiness. The importance of a Happy citizenry is written into the constitution. We believe in this standard too! Come, greet the morning in the majestic Himalaya’s, commune with nature in its most healthy, splendid and unspoiled state and learn about the Bhutanese culture and values.

You will…

Arrive at Paro airport, and be met by one of our guides. Transfer to the hotel where you can relax, freshen up and then take your first look at Bhutan with a walk around Paro before dinner. Paro itself is home to some of the most impressive dzongs in the kingdom. For dinner, enjoy a specially prepared traditional meal or something more continental, and get acquainted with your guides over the meal while you learn about the days ahead in Bhutan and finally, enjoy your first night of sleep in the Himalaya’s!

The following days will be a camera buffs dream as the natural beauty of Bhutan is breathtaking. We will visit many of the sites that Bhutan is known for, as well as places Pema and his family enjoy personally. In this way we have varied the itinerary and we have included a stay at a 5 high star hotel in the plan.

We will lunch in the clouds, navigate the Dochula Pass and take some day hikes in some of the most exquisite countryside on the planet, overlooking valleys and rice terraces with the magnificent Himalaya’s in the background.  We have organized a meeting with a Buddhist teacher, who will explain some of the Buddhist values that are guiding Bhutan’s growth and will engage with you in a question and answer session afterwards.

To complete this week, we make the trek to the Tigers Nest, one of the most iconic and important religious sites in the Himalaya’s.  At one time only accessible by a very special flying tigress, this is the enchanted meditation place of Guru Rinpoche, and it is considered an honor and a blessing to visit here.

* Please note that we always do our best to meet your individual needs as well!

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